Getting Started with Dreamweaver CS5 and Business Catalyst

with Joseph Lowery
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Getting Started with Dreamweaver CS5 and Business Catalyst
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In Getting Started with Dreamweaver CS5 and Business Catalyst, author Joseph Lowery introduces Business Catalyst, the hosted application for building and managing business web sites, and shows how to add complex functionality by leveraging its integration with Dreamweaver CS5. The course includes tutorials on setting up a Business Catalyst site in Dreamweaver, adding and customizing design elements such as blogs and forums, and employing the Business Catalyst ecommerce features to build an online store. Exercise files accompany the course.

Prerequisite: Dreamweaver CS5 Essential Training.

Topics include:
  • Exploring the capabilities of Business Catalyst
  • Modifying Business Catalyst modules and templates in Dreamweaver
  • Extending to clients the ability to modify their web pages in the browser
  • Managing downloadable documents with the Literature module
  • Utilizing Business Catalyst's customer and content management features
  • Creating email marketing campaigns
  • Building a store catalog
  • Setting up a payment gateway
  • Customizing the checkout experience
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Dreamweaver Business Catalyst


Hi! I am Joe Lowery, here to welcome you to Getting Started with Dreamweaver CS5 and Business Catalyst. Business Catalyst is an Adobe hosting service for building online commercial web sites. In this course, I'll take you through how it works, why it's great for web designers, and how you can use Business Catalyst with Dreamweaver to create robust, full-featured web sites without coding. First, I'll explain how Business Catalyst is set up to help you do more with your clients, and demonstrate how easy it is to create a free site.

Next, we'll explore how Business Catalyst integrates with Dreamweaver, including some awesome drop-in functionality to create a blog. As we dive deeper into the course, you'll learn how to integrate a Dreamweaver design site right into Business Catalyst. This let's you take advantage of advanced business-oriented features, like coordinating HTML e-mail marketing campaigns. Finally, we'll tackle the toughest of all web designer challenges, e-commerce. I'll show you how easy it is to get your clients' products online and selling.

I've been working with Dreamweaver since before it was first released, and I am really excited about the functionality brought to the table by Business Catalyst. Now, web designers can service a broader range of clients and do so much more efficiently with an expanded skill set, all supported by the Business Catalyst and Dreamweaver platforms. All right! Let's get started with Dreamweaver CS5 and Business Catalyst.

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