Dreamweaver CS4: Introduction to Spry

with James Williamson
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Dreamweaver CS4: Introduction to Spry
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Web designers with no prior JavaScript experience can now easily add AJAX-driven functionality to their sites. Adobe Certified Master Instructor James Williamson demonstrates how in Dreamweaver CS4: Introduction to Spry. This course covers the three main focuses of Spry: creating interactive effects, using widgets to shape the user experience, and populating pages with data. Exercise files accompany the course. A working knowledge of HTML and CSS is recommended for this course.

Topics include:
  • Validating form data to give users robust feedback
  • Customizing widgets to meet the style of a web site
  • Building a pull-down menu navigation system
  • Serving alternate content to users who do not have JavaScript enabled
  • Pulling data from XML, HTML, and Excel spreadsheets
  • Constructing datasets and widgets using code
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(upbeat piano music) - If you're a web designer who wants to add Ajax-driven functionality to your sites, but you've been held back due to lack of experience with JavaScript, then this title is for you. Welcome to Dreamweaver CS4, Introduction to Spry. I'm James Williamson, Adobe-certified Master Instructor and Director of Training for Lodestone Digital. In this title, we'll examine the three main focuses of Spry, creating amazing interactive Spry effects, using pre-built Spry widgets to create immersive user interface experiences, and how to populate pages using Spry's robust data capabilities.

Along the way, we'll cover how to validate form data using Spry, allowing you to give your users detailed feedback as they fill out your forms. We'll also build pull-down menus using Spry, and lean how to serve alternate content to users who do not have JavaScript enabled. As we work with Spry data, we'll explore the many different ways that Spry can collect and display data, using it to pull in data from XML, HTML, and even Excel spreadsheets on the fly. All this, as they say, and much more.

Although you don't need to know JavaScript to complete this title, a comfortable working knowledge of HTML and CSS is recommended. There are many fantastic titles on the lynda.com online training library on HTML and CSS, and if you're new to web design, I recommend you start there before learning Spry. Okay, let's get started.

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