Dreamweaver CS4 Getting Started

with James Williamson
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Dreamweaver CS4 Getting Started
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James Williamson provides a practical introduction to Adobe's do-it-all web design and development tool in Dreamweaver CS4 Getting Started. He shows how to generate standards-compliant XHTML and CSS, as well as rock-solid PHP, ColdFusion, ASP, AJAX, and more, using Dreamweaver's developer-friendly Code view and WYSIWYG Design view. From creating basic page layouts to embedding multimedia, James shares techniques for publishing a finished site quickly and efficiently. Example files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Defining and structuring new sites
  • Adding and styling text, images, video, Flash, and more
  • Previewing work in progress using multiple browsers
  • Integrating assets from other CS4 applications
  • Uploading and managing finished sites


(cheerful music) - Hi, I'm James Williamson, Director of Training for Lodestone Digital and an Adobe Certified Master Instructor. If you've always wanted to get a site up on the web, but didn't know where to begin, this is the place to be. Welcome to Dreamweaver CS4 Getting Started. In a few short hours, you'll get a sold overview of Dreamweaver CS4. I'll get your cyber feet wet by showing you how Dreamweaver lives up to its name. In this course, you'll learn about best practices for organizing and defining your sites, ways to use starters pages to rapidly build cross-browser-compliant CSS-based layouts, and how Dreamweaver integrates with other creative suite apps to build powerful workflows and much, much more.

And as always, with lynda.com courses, you'll have the power at your fingertips to start, stop, and review the movies, as well as having access to the title 24/7. Remember, you can watch the whole course in order, or jump to the topics you wanna see first. I'm starting from the beginning, so let's get going with Dreamweaver CS4 Getting Started.

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