Dreamweaver CS4 Essential Training

with James Williamson
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Dreamweaver CS4 Essential Training
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To get the most out of Dreamweaver CS4, it's important not only to master the application, but also to understand fundamental concepts of modern web design. James Williamson teaches just that in Dreamweaver CS4 Essential Training, covering everything from site structure to the value of standards-compliant XHTML and CSS. He shows how to create clean and accessible code in Dreamweaver, as well as how to publish compelling content. James demonstrates how to use a variety of techniques for adding interactivity, creating and styling forms and tables, and saving time with templates. He explains the benefits of using programs like Word and Photoshop to speed up workflow, and shows how to publish and manage finished sites. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Understanding current web design practices
  • Learning and customizing the Dreamweaver interface
  • Adding text and structure to an XHTML document
  • Implementing layouts and designs with CSS
  • Controlling all aspects of typographic presentation
  • Working with images, Flash, and video
  • Using behaviors and Spry widgets


(piano music) - Hi, I'm James Williamson, director of training for Lodestone Digital, and an Adobe certified master instructor. Welcome to Dreamweaver CS4 Essential Training. I've used over 14 years of web design experience to create a course, that will teach you the fundamentals of using Dreamweaver and how to approach web design, using a standards compliant work flow. In this title, you'll learn best practices for creating new websites and files. The fundamentals of XHTML and CSS.

How to use other programs, like Word and Photoshop to speed up your work flow. And how to make sure your code is created in a clean and accessible manner. You'll also learn how to properly create an style forms and tables. The secrets to building solid navigation. How you can save time by using templates properly. And ways to add user interactivity to your pages, to create truly compelling content. You'll also learn how to get your finished website from Dreamweaver to being live, on-line. I hope you'll have fun working with Dreamweaver CS4 Essential Training. Web design is fun, and Dreamweaver helps make it fun, by taking care of those small details, so that you can concentrate on doing what you do best.

Creating awesome content, let's get started.

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