Dreamweaver CS4 Dynamic Development

with David Gassner
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Dreamweaver CS4 Dynamic Development
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Dreamweaver CS4 Dynamic Development takes users to the next level in their understanding of the application. David Gassner demonstrates the installation of Apache, MySQL, and PHP for Mac OS X and Windows. He also shows how to define sites, integrate ColdFusion and PHP, implement AJAX-style pages with the Spry framework, add visual effects, and present XML-formatted data. David explores Dreamweaver's new features, Live View and Live Code, showing how they can be used to build and test web pages before they go live. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Installing software Authenticating users Integrating websites with ColdFusion and PHP Layering web pages with the Spry framework Adding visual effects to a web page Building data-entry systems Testing web pages with Live View and Live Code
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(Music playing.) Welcome to Dreamweaver CS4 Dynamic Development. Hi! I'm David Gassner. I've used my background as an Adobe certified developer of ColdFusion and Dreamweaver to put together a course that shows you how to use the latest development functions of Dreamweaver CS4 to improve your website without having to do the heavy lifting of a programmer. That's right. It can be easier now to make your site look more professional. In the course, I describe the process of using Dreamweaver CS4 to integrate websites with two major application servers, ColdFusion and PHP, so you have the tools to access and present dynamic data on your web pages.

I also described how to use the Spry framework, a set of Ajax based tools to present XML based data and to add cool visual effects to a web page. You will also see how you can build and test your dynamic web pages with more speed and ease. These are all functions that you can do using the code that's in Dreamweaver. So you don't need to know JavaScript or cascading style sheets to get the results you want for your website. However, to get the most out of this course I'd suggest a basic understanding of Dreamweaver CS4. You will find a course for that here on lynda.com.

Now, let's get started with Dreamweaver CS4 Dynamic Development.

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Q: I set up the Apache server in MAMP I am not able to get green lights on the Apache server with the default port. If I use 8888 for Apache port and 8889 for MySQL port, the green lights for server connection appear. Why don't I get server connection with default settings of Apache Port 80 and MYSQL 3306?
A: You might have another copy of the Apache web server running on your system that conflicts with the version included in MAMP. Go to your Mac's System Preferences and click Sharing. Then make sure that Web Sharing is disabled - this preference on Mac OS X controls whether the included Apache server is running.
After disabling Web Sharing, go back to MAMP and try to change the ports to the standard ports, 80 (Apache) and 3306 (MySQL).
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