Dreamweaver CS3 Projects: Creating Custom Spry Widgets

with James Williamson
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Dreamweaver CS3 Projects: Creating Custom Spry Widgets
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Advanced Dreamweaver users wanting to add AJAX functionality to sites will find Dreamweaver CS3 Projects: Creating Custom Spry Widgets a valuable resource. Spry, Adobe's integrated AJAX framework, offers a built-in resource for providing richer user experiences. Instructor James Williamson shows how to go beyond Dreamweaver's installed Spry capabilities by creating custom Spry widgets. He delves into Adobe's online Spry documentation, demonstrates how to download and upgrade Dreamweaver to the latest Spry release, and examines how the Spry framework functions. Users will build a Sliding Panel widget, control the widget through JavaScript, and customize the panel content through the use of CSS.

Topics include:
  • Examining the Spry framework
  • Finding information on customizing Spry assets
  • Defining page structure
  • Using external JavaScript files to add interactivity
  • Modifying presentation through CSS
  • Customizing Spry widget functionality through JavaScript and CSS
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- [Voiceover] Welcome to Dreamweaver CS3 Projects: Creating Custom Spry Widgets. I'm James Williamson, Director of Training for Lodestone Digital, and I'm an Adobe-certified Master Instructor. Lodestone Digital is an authorized Adobe and Apple training center, and we offer Adobe classroom training nationwide. Visit us online at www.lodestone.com. In this title, we'll focus on working with Adobe's Spry framework within Dreamweaver. Rather than using the default Spry tools that ship with Dreamweaver, we'll explore the entire Spry framework, update the framework within Dreamweaver and create a custom Spry widget through code.

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