Dreamweaver CS3 Essential Training

with Garrick Chow
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Dreamweaver CS3 Essential Training
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In Dreamweaver CS3 Essential Training, instructor Garrick Chow delves into the many powerful features of the latest version of this powerful web design application. He covers everything from the simplest basics of using Dreamweaver CS3 to applying it to develop a fully interactive, accessible site. Garrick explains the new interface features, and demonstrates how to create, edit, manage, design, and publish a professional website with Dreamweaver CS3 and complementary applications. Exercise files accompany the training.



Hello, and welcome to {italic}Dreamweaver CS3 Essential Training.{plain} I'm Garrick Chow. {italic}Dreamweaver{plain} {italic}CS3{plain} is the latest version of this incredibly popular web site creation application, and it's also the first version of the program released since Adobe acquired Macromedia. In this series of movies we're going to start by taking a look at the {italic}Dreamweaver{plain} {italic}CS3{plain} interface, and learning the basics of how to create and manage a new site. We'll cover foundation topics like working with text and images and adding links. And, from there we'll jump into more advanced topics, like controlling the appearance of your pages with Cascading Style Sheets, using Absolutely Positioned div tags for layout, creating rollover images, automating {italic}Dreamweaver, {plain}and even how to insert audio and video clips. And, now that {italic}Dreamweaver{plain} is part of the Adobe CS3 suite of applications, we'll also see that in addition to the same tight integration {italic}Dreamweaver{plain} has always had with the image editing program {italic}Fireworks, {plain} {italic} Dreamweaver{plain} also now works seamlessly with Adobe's flagship product, {italic}Photoshop{plain} {italic}CS3.{plain} If you've used {italic}Dreamweaver{plain} in the past, you're really going to like the changes and improvements throughout the program.

And, even if you're brand new to web design, you're going to quickly learn to appreciate how {italic}Dreamweaver{plain} can help you build an entire website in a short time, with a minimal amount of effort. So, let's get started.

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