Dreamweaver CS3 Dynamic Development

with David Gassner
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Dreamweaver CS3 Dynamic Development
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In Dreamweaver CS3 Dynamic Development , instructor David Gassner demonstrates how to use Dreamweaver CS3 to create professional, data-driven websites that are interactive and seamlessly integrated. From choosing servers and databases to installing MySQL to designing and building web-based data entry systems and displays, this training provides in-depth, hands-on guidance through the process of building strong dynamic sites. Exercise files accompany the tutorials.

Topics include:
  • Understanding dynamic applications
  • Working with databases
  • Installing MySQL on Windows and Mac OSX
  • Setting up an application server
  • Creating a dynamic application
  • Displaying data on dynamic pages
  • Building data entry systems Authenticating users
  • Using Dreamweaver CS3 with ASP.NET and PHP
  • Creating interfaces and validating forms with Spry
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Q: While following along with the chapter “Creating a login form,” an error message appears when attempting to preview the page in a browser: “To preview pages containing server side code you need a testing server. Would you like to specify one now?" How do I solve this problem?
A: For help on this topic, review Chapter 4, which describes how to configure a Dreamweaver site to use the application server with ColdFusion. However, if you're using PHP, review the "Defining a Site with PHP and MySQL" chapter and also the "Selecting an application sever" movie in the Dreamweaver CS4 Dynamic Development course.
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