2 Draw Getting Started

with David Rivers
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In 2.0 Draw Getting Started, David Rivers teaches the basic concepts and techniques required to be productive with Draw, the graphics application in the free suite. He introduces the user interface, the major drawing tools, and the special effects features. David also discusses project layouts, file sharing, and working with other common formats such as PDF. Example files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Combining many objects into one Creating flowcharts Working with text and paragraphs Applying shadows, transparency, extrusion, and perspective Protecting a file with a password Setting print options


Hi and welcome to Getting Started with OpenOffice 2 Draw, the free graphics application that's part of the suite of applications. As you may already know OpenOffice 2 is the leading open source software suite for graphics as well as word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, databases and more. Even better the whole suite is available in a number of different languages and it will work on almost any computer whether PC or Mac. It stores all your data that is everything that you create with it in an International Open Standard format, great for compatibility. However, it can also read and write files from other common software packages. Best of all the entire suite can be downloaded and used completely free of charge. So tell everyone you know, your friends, family, co-workers and make all the copies you need. Download it more than one machine at home or even the office. It's all free. Now in this title we focus on the graphics application known as Draw. We will cover all the basics to get you up and running. I will be working in a Windows Vista environment on a PC for this title but you can follow along from any environment. So without further delay let's get started with OpenOffice 2 Draw.

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