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Dot Bustelo

Dot Bustelo Dot Bustelo is an internationally-recognized music producer, sound designer, film composer, and Logic Pro software specialist; was formerly a main stage presenter at Apple Inc. on the Apple Worldwide Product Marketing team for a decade; and has demonstrated music production techniques to #1 charting and emerging rock bands, DJs, producers, and recording artists such as Maroon 5, The Killers, John Legend, T. Pain, and many more. Dot is a Logic columnist for Sound on Sound magazine and recently published two books on Apple Logic software for Hal Leonard Publishing, both Amazon bestsellers. Dot produces chill-out electronic music as Perfect Project with vocalist/songwriter Cica, with licenses to Nokia, NBC, Sony PlayStation, Dell Computer, BasicLUX Records, and Silver Angel Records (The Netherlands), as well as dance/lounge music labels in the U.K. and Italy.

Dot's Martini Lounge, a sample library of urban lounge construction kits, is available on Beatport Sounds as of April, 2013. It offers Dot's custom Logic channel strip settings, MIDI files, drum and synth loops, and vocal samples.

Dot has scored numerous film shorts and interactive/online media projects. She lectures at SAE Institute and sits on the Producer & Engineering Wing Advisory Council of the Grammys organization NARAS. She also has worked for Apogee Electronics, and received an Emmy for Technical Excellence for her work as sound designer, programmer and recording engineer for daytime network TV show, One Life to Live. See more of her work at
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  • view course page for Making Beats in Logic Pro X

    Start making music with Logic Pro X. Author and Logic Pro insider Dot Bustelo walks through every facet of basic drum programming in Logic Pro, including choosing the right drum kit for the beat, recording, quantizing, sampling, and slicing as well as using the new Logic X beat-making features of Drummer and Arpeggiator.

    4h 10m

  • view course page for New Ways to Create Music with Logic Pro X

  • view course page for Logic Pro X New Features (2013)

    Dive into the new streamlined, modern interface and creative tools for musicians and producers, in this tour with a Logic Pro X insider.

    1h 45m
    Appropriate for all

  • view course page for Logic Production Techniques: Making Beats

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