Blue + Green Screen Production Principles

with Pete Kuran
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Blue + Green Screen Production Principles
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The technology used for compositing blue and green screen has improved to the point where a chroma key matte can be pulled off almost anything. However, the better the original photography and setup, the better the matte extraction and composite will be. Whether the goal is to shoot a blue or green screen for compositing, or just to get familiar with terms and techniques, Blue and Green Screen Production Principles has the information needed. Pete Kuran goes behind the scenes to teach the processes of this popular film technique. Note: We recommend that subscribers new to video production terminology first view Digital Video Principles in the Online Training Library™.

Topics include:
  • Recognizing the differences between blue screen and green screen Choosing between blue and green screen Creating a pre-production checklist Using Tungsten lighting with a green screen Using a Chromatte light ring Shooting in a cove Using a flexible screen


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