Digital Publishing Fundamentals

with William Everhart
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Digital Publishing Fundamentals
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Devices like the Apple iPad have changed the way the world consumes media, and now anyone can adopt a digital publishing model and share their content with an audience. This course clearly defines the terms and types of digital formats, including EPUB, iBooks, ebooks, "enhanced" EPUB, and PDF, as well as their pros and cons, and helps you decide which media type best matches your content now, and which type you might want to migrate to in the future. The course also provides an overview of a typical digital publishing workflow and the software setup you'll need to get started.

Topics include:
  • Is print dead?
  • Understanding digital publishing terminology
  • Comparing an EPUB to a fixed-layout EPUB
  • Publishing with PDFs
  • Understanding the benefits and shortcomings of ebook apps
  • Working with InDesign, Word, and iBooks Author
  • Understanding distribution options
  • Selecting a publishing format


- Hi, I'm William Everhart and welcome to Digital Publishing Fundamentals. While digital publishing has been around for years, it wasn't until recently that publishers started taking advantage of the new range of devices on the market today. In fact, there's been a shift in the industry towards a Digital First or even Digital Only workflow. In this course, we'll discuss some of the current formats, techniques, and considerations to help you get started with digital publishing. I'll start by defining digital publishing and giving you the key terminology used in the digital publishing world.

Then, we'll look at some of the formats and tools used in creating a digital document. We'll cover some of the various publishing tools and available distribution options, whether you're a publishing giant or just looking to publish your first eBook. There's a lot to consider when publishing a digital document, and I'm excited to be your guide. So let's get started with Digital Publishing Fundamentals.

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