Getting Pro Results from a Compact Camera

with Derrick Story
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Getting Pro Results from a Compact Camera
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Compact, point-and-shoot cameras are convenient, travel-ready, and inexpensive. They're also more capable—and complex—than ever. In Getting Pro Results from a Compact Camera, photographer Derrick Story shows how to use a compact camera to take photos that rival those of far more expensive cameras. Derrick shows how to get the most out the camera's lens as you shoot wide-angle, telephoto, and even macro shots. Derrick also discusses the camera's exposure system and clarifies the differences among ISO settings and scene modes. He also shows how to get the best pictures in a variety of lighting conditions, including making judicious use of the flash to supplement existing light.

Topics include:
  • Understanding ISO
  • Stitching a panorama
  • Using exposure lock
  • Using the flash indoors and out
  • Adapting professional techniques to small cameras


(Music playing.) Hi, I'm Derrick Story and welcome to Getting Pro Results from a Compact Camera. In this course, we'll go over techniques to help you shoot professional quality photographs with a compact camera or what some fondly call the point-and-shoot. We'll explore how to go beyond the limits of compact camera lens by getting much closer to your subject using Macro Mode and by capturing a wider scene through a panoramic technique that involves stitching together multiple individual shots. [ Next we will learn how to tame your exposures by adjusting your ISO settings and working with exposure lock.

Finally, we'll demystify the all too often misunderstood flash with a couple of tips that at a glance may seem counterintuitive, but will ultimately enhance your ability to apply creative flash techniques on-the-fly. I've been shooting with all sorts of cameras for as long as I can remember. I'm excited to get the chance to share techniques that I've picked up over the years. By the end of this course you will have much better control over your compact camera. So let's get started with getting pro results from a compact camera.

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