iOS SDK and SQLite: Building Data-Driven Apps (2013)

with Bill Weinman
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iOS SDK and SQLite: Building Data-Driven Apps (2013)
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The iOS software development kit (SDK) includes the popular SQLite library, a lightweight yet powerful relational database engine that is easily embedded into an application. In this course, Bill Weinman teaches you how to build an RSS reader for iOS devices, integrating XML data and a streamlined interface. He explains how to use the SQLite database, display information in a table view, code view controllers, and create a preferences pane for your app. The resulting application is optimized for all iPhone and iPad displays.

Topics include:
  • Prototyping the app
  • Coding and working with a testbed
  • Creating an Objective-C interface for SQLite
  • Designing a database schema
  • Creating the view controllers
  • Reading and writing to the database
  • Parsing the RSS feed with NSXMLParser
  • Updating the item view with feed items
  • Implementing the pull to refresh gesture for iOS 6
  • Creating a universal application with multiple views


- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Bill Weinman and welcome to iOS SDK and SQLite Building Data-Driven Applications. In this course I will show you how to build a solid RSS reader for iOS that supports both the iPhone and iPad form factors integrating XML data into a clean and simple presentation. I'll explain how to use the SQL database, which is included in iOS and display information in a clear, intuitive table view. I'll teach you how to code the necessary view controllers for your application and how to use the Settings application to provide a Preferences interface for your users.

Finally, I'll show you how to make a universal app that runs both on phone and tablet form factors for iOS. Creating an application for iOS doesn't have to be a difficult experience so let me show you how in iOS SDK and SQLite Building Data-Driven Applications.

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