Foundations of Programming: Test-Driven Development

with Simon Allardice
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Foundations of Programming: Test-Driven Development
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Prove your code is working every step of the way using a formalized test-driven development (TDD) process. TDD can be done in every modern programming environment, and for desktop, mobile, or web apps. In this course, Simon Allardice teaches you exactly how to get started with TDD: what makes a good test, why we're more interested in failure than success, and how to measure and repeatedly run tests.

The course explores the jargon of TDD—test suites, test harness, mock and stub objects, and more—and covers how TDD is used in the most common programming languages and environments. Plus learn to create, run, and manage the tests and move to a test-first mindset.

Topics include:
  • What is test-driven development?
  • Using unit testing frameworks
  • Creating tests
  • Using assertions
  • Creating multiple test methods
  • Naming unit tests and test methods
  • Testing return values
  • Setting up and tearing down
  • Introducing mock objects
  • Measuring code coverage


- Hi! I'm Simon Allardice, and welcome to Foundations of Programming Test Driven Development. Now this is programming, you should never just hope that your code works properly. You should be able to prove it and prove it again and again, every step of the way, from the very first lines of code you write, all the way through to deploying an application. The best way to prove it is with automated tests. But this isn't the kind of testing you only do at the end as part of a quality assurance stage. Test Driven Development, or TDD for short, is a way of doing automated testing that is built into your day to day development routine; it becomes an integral part of everything you do.

In this course, we'll see how to get started with Test Driven Development. First, by clearing up some misconceptions about TDD versus other kinds of software testing. We'll then explore the basic ideas and the jargon of TDD, working with tests and test fixtures and test suites, setting up and tearing down, and mock objects. We'll see what makes a good test. We'll then explore what software exists to help you create, run and manage your tests, and perhaps most importantly, see how to move to a Test First mindset, to take your testing from being an afterthought into something that drives your everyday development.

So let's get started.

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