Validating and Processing Forms with JavaScript and PHP

with Ray Villalobos
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Validating and Processing Forms with JavaScript and PHP
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Validating web forms is a critical skill for any web developer, ensuring that the data that's submitted is complete, accurate, and nonmalicious before it's sent off to the server. Join author Ray Villalobos in this course as he shows how to validate input from site visitors with HTML5, JavaScript, and jQuery and then process the data with PHP. Plus, learn how to email form data and save it in a MySQL database so that it's ready for other applications.

Topics include:
  • Understanding forms
  • Adding required fields and placeholders
  • Accepting multiple entries
  • Limiting uploads
  • Handling focus changes
  • Validating with regular expressions
  • Working with older browsers
  • Building jQuery validation
  • Using server-side validation
  • Sanitizing form input
  • Uploading files
  • Sending form data to a database
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JavaScript PHP


- Hey there this is Ray Villalobos, and welcome to Validating and Processing Forms with JavaScript and PHP. In this course I'm gonna show you how forms work, how to validate, sanitize, and process your form input, and how to send information from a form to an e-mail or an MySQL database. I'll start by showing you how to validate input fields with HTML5, which involves adding required fields, placeholders, limiting uploads by MIME type, constraining fields, and working with regular expressions. Then, we'll examine how to work with forms using JavaScript, handling focus changes, detecting the odd-change event, and validating in older browsers with Modernizr.

I'll show you how a jQuery can make it easier to validate forms with easy-to-use selectors, plus the validation plugin. I'll also shop you how to work with PHP to process, validate, and sanitize your form input on the server side. Finally, I'll show you how to MailForm data, upload files, handle dynamic form input with AJAX, how to solve passwords for encryption, and how to send form information into a database. This course is jam packed with lots of great info, so let's get started.

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