GMUNK's 3D-Rendered Geometric Art Series: Start to Finish

with Bradley G Munkowitz
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GMUNK's 3D-Rendered Geometric Art Series: Start to Finish
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In this episode of Start to Finish, graphic designer Bradley G Munkowitz, known to his ardent fan base as GMUNK, lets us into his studio and reveals his process for creating op-art-inspired geometric prints. Learn how he uses a web app developed with code artist Marcin Ignac to divide simple primitives into complex multifaceted shapes, and then sends the results to Maya for shading, lighting, and rendering. It's a completely unorthodox use of this 3D toolset—but it's typical of GMUNK's work.

3D + Animation Design


As a graphic designer, I'm always drawn to geometric shapes. It's something that's just always resonated with me. I love Geo, I love gems, and I love working in 3D. I love working in Maya. And so the Geo series is kind of a personal project of just exploring the combination of geometry, Psychedelica and op-art into like large format print pieces. How this app works is, is you start off with your primitive, and your primitive could be as simple as a sphere, or a cube. And the thing that is really powerful about this app is, is the split functions, and so you can continue to split these faces over and over again to create, you know, more complex geometry.

I love the idea of being surrounded and then taking these things into volume. So, instead of having a camera outside, you know, looking at just a piece of Geo, I love the camera being inside. You need to choose really powerful tools. Maya processing, Houdini, I mean these are like really powerful tools that can really take your graphic design a lot further. I can create infinite detail with one click.

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