Foundations of Typography: Color, Contrast, and Scale

with Ina Saltz
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Foundations of Typography: Color, Contrast, and Scale
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Enhance the clarity and impact of your type—and your message—with effective use of color, contrast, and scale. Designer Ina Saltz shows you how to use these three elements to elevate your design above the rest. Learn how to choose a typeface, weight, size, and color for your type, and balance its scale in relation to the other graphic elements. Plus, discover how to develop your typographic eye by studying great designs and figuring out how and why they work.

Topics include:
  • Creating tonal weight with type
  • Selecting and using color
  • Creating contrast with size
  • Lifting type on complex backgrounds
  • Adding drama with typographic scale


- Typography is a deep and wonderful world. I'm Ina Saltz and I'd like to welcome you to Foundations of Typography: Color, Contrast, and Scale. If you've seen my course Foundations of Typography, or if you are already a designer with a working knowledge of typography, this course is a next step. A deeper dive into the specifics of the important guiding principles of typography. Whether in print-based media or screen-based media, color, contrast, and scale are three powerful tools in your arsenal as a designer.

In this course, I'll show you a lot of examples and point out how and why they are effective. We'll look at why you should choose certain typefaces and how weight and tonality play a role in amplifying the strength of your typography. This can help you create more compelling design projects. When you make good choices as a designer, your audience, the viewer or reader, pays more attention to your project and engages with it. We'll show it all, so you can make the best possible typographic choices.

You're in good hands. I'm passionate about letter forms. For more than 30 years, I've been deeply involved in the world of type. I live, eat, and breathe typography and I'm excited to share with you Foundations of Typography: Color, Contrast, and Scale.

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