Choosing and Using Web Fonts

with Laura Franz
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Choosing and Using Web Fonts
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This course focuses on the theories behind web fonts: what makes a good font, why different fonts look the way they do, and how fonts affect the look of a web page. Author Laura Franz covers common tasks, including downloading a font from an online source such as Typekit or Font Squirrel, implementing the font in HTML and CSS, and changing the size and line-height to improve the readability of text. The course also covers different periods of type design and explores the history behind handwritten fonts, text fonts (used for large amounts of text), and display fonts (used for headlines).

Topics include:
  • Explaining the history of text fonts, from Old Style, Transitional, and Modern to Slab Serif and Sans Serif
  • Understanding font classifications
  • Setting up a Typekit account
  • Choosing a quality font based on forms, spacing, and weights and styles
  • Accessing fonts from various sources
  • Implementing fonts with the @font-face syntax
  • Looking at how fonts affect the look and feel of a web page
  • Changing font styling to improve readability
  • Making various font weights and styles work correctly across multiple browsers
  • Pairing fonts (headline and text, two fonts in text, and so on)
  • Setting fallback fonts
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- Hi, I'm Laura Franz, and welcome to Choosing and Using Web Fonts. New web fonts are released constantly. So, in this course, I'll show you what to look for when choosing a font. We'll look at historical context, which helps explain why fonts look and feel a certain way. I'll show you how letters written with pen and ink have affected font design. We'll also look at how fonts differ from each other and how subtle variations can affect the look of a page. I'll show you what to avoid when choosing a font. We'll cover what characteristics don't hold up on screen and what makes a font harder to read.

We'll explore a wide range of fonts, including serifs, san serifs, handwriting, and display fonts. We'll even look at how to choose two fonts to use together, whether you're working with text or a headline. Throughout the course, we'll use Google web fonts, type kit, and at font-face syntax. So, let's get started with Choosing and Using Web Fonts.

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