Creativity Training: Generate Ideas in Greater Quantity and Quality

with Stefan Mumaw
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Creativity Training: Generate Ideas in Greater Quantity and Quality
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Creativity is not an external force or a rare skill; it's a habit that can be learned and exercised every day. This course challenges preconceived notions about creativity and provides valuable tools that will unlock this skill to help you generate better ideas faster. Let Stefan Mumaw help you identify and break down creative obstacles, and lead you through a few short, fun exercises that build your creative muscles, while illuminating key points about your behavior, experience, and perspective that you might not have realized before.



- I'm Stefan Mumaw and this is Creativity Training. I'm going to be your sherpa on this journey into the creative process. We typically think of creativity as an external force that we don't control, or an artistic talent that we don't have. The reality is that creativity is a programmable characteristic of problem solving. It's a habit that can be learned or improved. We generate ideas every day. If we understand the structure of what we do to generate those ideas, we can train ourselves to come up with better ideas and do so faster.

This course will show you what makes us all creative and what simple changes in our creative lives can have the greatest effect. The course elaborates on the key characteristics of daily creative output. It identifies the obstacles to effective creative training and breaks down ideation into digestible steps. I'll be leading you through fun creative exercises that will enable you to see your behavior within the creative process in a practical way so that you can generate ideas in greater quantity and quality.

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