Designing a Photo Book

with Nigel French
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Designing a Photo Book
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Photo books are a great way to display and preserve your memories, and services like iBooks and Blurb make it easy and affordable to create professional quality bound books. But your design choices are what make them special. Join designer Nigel French as he covers the basics of planning and building a photo book, reviews the qualities of good photo books, and examines the design principles at work in their creation—regardless of the software used. This course provides both inspiration and practical techniques for creating your photo book.

Topics include:
  • Making a flat plan and determining a schedule
  • Choosing and sequencing your images
  • Cropping images for maximum impacts
  • Adjusting tone and color
  • Printing duotones
  • Adding text
  • Designing the cover
  • Comparing types of books
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- Hi, I'm Nigel French. Welcome to Designing a Photo Book. In the last few years, there's been an explosion in the popularity of photo books as the tools used to create them have become more accessible and increasingly sophisticated. In this course we'll look at what makes a good photo book and the choices involved in its creation, whether it's a book of wedding photos, a design portfolio, a family history, or a photo essay with a strong narrative. We'll look at choosing and sequencing your photos, the arrangement and cropping of images, how to include text and captions, and technical considerations like image resolution.

We'll also look at the fundamental considerations of size and format of both the photos and the book itself. Today as photographers we have thousands, tens or even scores of thousands of digital images and a myriad number of ways to display them on screen. But there's nothing quite like distilling a collection of photos into a physical book, and the satisfaction that comes from leafing through that book and seeing its spine on your bookshelf. So let's get started with Designing a Photo Book.

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