Designing a Print Ad

with Craig Smallish
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Designing a Print Ad
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A successful print ad campaign entices the reader visually, and then delivers on its promise with a compelling message. This course details the process of constructing ad layouts for print—emphasizing the importance of visual hierarchy and how the power of composition can embolden your underlying campaign message. Using a client brief for the Landon Hotel brand, Craig Smallish explores three creative concepts and then takes the most successful concept through the complete development process, from obtaining reference material to refining the layouts. Along the way, you'll learn how to produce rough thumbnail sketches; select photos, illustrations, and typography for your design; and balance the contrast and placement of assets. Plus, learn tips for presenting your print ad campaign ideas to your clients.

Topics include:
  • Establishing the campaign message
  • Developing your first ad concepts
  • Creating thumbnail sketches
  • Choosing the best media to convey your message
  • Managing contrast in a composition
  • Refining ad layouts
  • Preparing a print ad presentation for clients


- Hi, I'm Craig Smallish and welcome to Designing a Print Ad. A great ad design will entice the reader. And then while they're captivated it'll deliver the message. Sometimes they're not even aware it's happening. And that is the hallmark of a great print ad. How to design engaging print ads is the focus of this course. The ability to use graphics applications like Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop is important, but it is also important to recognize that designing a successful print ad or print campaign involves much more than simply producing pleasant or professional looking graphic layouts.

First, ads created for print publication must be successful at gaining the reader's attention. Secondly, they must deliver the client's message. This holds true for any graphic design communication project and it's especially true for print ads. In this course I'll discuss the creative process for developing a print ad, and I'll also identify methods for effectively producing ad designs that are as powerful at gaining attention as they are at delivering their message. Ultimately, it's the power of a great concept, coupled with a great composition that makes for a successful ad.

Now let's get started with Designing a Print Ad.

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