Data Visualization Fundamentals

with Bill Shander
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Data Visualization Fundamentals
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Got a big idea? You need to get it across quickly and efficiently, or modern audiences will move on to the next story clamoring for their attention. Data visualization allows you to make the complex simple, the abstract tangible, and the invisible (data) visible with great illustrations. Here, Bill Shander shows how to understand your data and your audience, craft the story you need to tell, and determine the best visual model and details to use for that story.

Topics include:
  • Channeling your audience
  • Understanding your data
  • Determining the information hierarchy
  • Sketching and wireframing your ideas
  • Defining your narrative
  • Using typography, color, contrast, and shape to convey meaning
  • Making your visualization interactive


- [Voiceover] Welcome to Data Visualization Fundamentals. I'm Bill Shander, founder of Beehive Media. An information design and data visualization consultancy in Boston. In this course, I am going to cover a lot of ground. We'll talk about how to find and define information hierarchy and organize and understand data to work with it. As well as, how to tell stories with data and how to actually do the tasks at hand. We'll also cover sketching and wire framing all the way through picking the right standard form of charts and graphs, as well as going beyond the basics.

We'll even talk about some of the brain science that explains why visualization's important. Which will help you think about visualization techniques that lend themselves to this understanding. You'll notice that I emphasize how important things like accuracy, and integrity, and clarity of communications are. That's really what this industry is all about. It's about helping audiences understand what's otherwise sometimes difficult to see. It's making the complex simple. It's turning inherently abstract things into tangible, visual objects. It's capturing an issue and delivering a visual representation of it that your audience can connect to immediately.

I absolutely love this work and hope you're ready to dive in with me.

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