The tools you'll need

show more The tools you'll need provides you with in-depth training on Design. Taught by Von Glitschka as part of the 21-Day Drawing Challenge show less
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The tools you'll need

I want to make this challenge enjoyable and something you look forward to doing each of the next 21 days. To facilitate this, you'll only need five simple tools to complete all the challenges. A pencil. I prefer a brand called Tombow and the specific pencil is MONO. It's a softer lead, it makes shading and creating dark blacks easier. That said, you could simply use a regular 2B pencil as well.

Either will work fine. A pen. Some of these challenges, you may prefer to use a pen to draw with instead of a pencil. Of course, you won't be able to erase, so I'll leave that decision up to you. When drawing with the pen, I love the medium nib Paper Mate Flair pens. They're nice and juicy with very minimal bleeding on paper. I actually use a lot of different pens when I draw. My desk has several cups full of pens, but for this course, you can use anything you'd like.

The next thing you'll want is an eraser. When you draw and sketch, you won't always get it right. You'll want to erase something and try it again, so having a good quality eraser is vital. I really like the Tombow MONO eraser. It's designed to work with the pencils I prefer to draw with and that means less smearing. But once again, any eraser that you want to use is fine. The next thing is a pair of scissors. One of the daily challenges will require you to use scissors to cut out shapes from thin cardboard.

So make sure to use a nice sharp pair of quality scissors. I prefer Fiskars. They're comfortable to handle and work well. Obviously, you're going to want to use paper. Technically, you can draw on anything. My daughter, Savannah, covered the walls in our home with her own brand of hieroglyphics growing up. But for this course, you'll want to have some good quality paper that won't rip easily when you have to erase. I prefer drawing on a notepad, like this one.

It allows me to tear it off and pin it up or put it in a project folder with no guilt about destroying a sketchbook. But that said, you can use anything. Regular bond paper is fine, or if you have a good, creative habit of using a sketchbook, that is ideal as well. If my tool recommendations help you, great. But I want you to discover and pick the tools you prefer to use. This may mean you try several before you find ones you enjoy the most.

Drawing is intrinsically personal, so figure out what works best for you and that'll make the whole process easier.

The tools you'll need
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The tools you'll need provides you with in-depth training on Design. Taught by Von Glitschka as part of the 21-Day Drawing Challenge

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