Creating with Adobe's Line and Sketch Apps

with Justin Seeley
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Creating with Adobe's Line and Sketch Apps
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Capture all your creative ideas on the go with Adobe's new line of drawing tools: the Line and Sketch apps and two brand-new hardware elements--the Ink pen and Slide digital ruler. Justin Seeley shows how to pair these tools with your iPad and then use them in six real-world drawing projects: from designing logos to creating website wireframes. He'll also show how to share your work with others using the Cloud Clipboard, Behance, and even Kuler. Start now and learn how to give your creative process a little competitive edge with this new set of twenty-first-century tools.

Topics include:
  • Connecting your apps to Creative Cloud
  • Drawing with Adobe Sketch
  • Creating digital portraits
  • Touring the Adobe Line interface
  • Drawing in perspective
  • Creating icons with Line and Illustrator
  • Collaborating and sharing drawings
Illustrator Line Sketch


(bright music) - Hi, I'm Justin Seeley and I'm a staff author here at I'd like to welcome you to this course on creating with Adobe Sketch and Line. You know, drawing is a fundamental aspect of just about any creative process if you think about it. And nowadays, the trend of using tablet devices to jumpstart the creative workflow continues to grow. In this course, we'll be taking a look at two new mobile applications from Adobe, called Sketch and Line, and exploring how they can be used in several real world scenarios.

We'll also take a look at some of Adobe's new hardware components, Ink and Slide, and how you can use them to enhance your drawing experience on your iPad. Whether you're a designer sketching out a logo, a developer mocking up an app or website, or a digital artist laying the groundwork for your next masterpiece, apps like this offer a wide range of tools that can make it easier than ever for you to capture your ideas, no matter where you happen to be. I'm excited to show you what these apps can do. So, charge up your iPad, grab your stylus, and let's get started.

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