Yo Santosa, Branding Expert

with Yolanda Santosa
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Yo Santosa, Branding Expert
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Yo Santosa took a big leap when she decided to quit her job as a motion graphics artist. But her fledgling design agency, Ferroconcrete, has gone on to create award-winning branding campaigns for companies like Pinkberry, TNT, and TBS. As Yo explains it, there are parallels. Branding, like film, is about storytelling. But instead of telling a story over a few minutes or hours, a brand's story is told over a period of months, years, or even decades.

In this Creative Spark, Yo explains how her team maps the personality of a brand, creates messaging and imagery that support it, and helps clients earn the love and loyalty of their customers. See how this played out for Pinkberry, which under Ferroconcrete's guidance evolved from a single storefront to a nationally recognized name. Yo's team also introduces its fragrance line, Commodity, a project they started to gain firsthand experience building a product alongside the brand. Plus, get a glimpse of the uniquely collaborative design team hard at work in their downtown LA offices.



- These days, companies have evolved. They know the importance of design in starting businesses. We want to be the hit instructor that helps build brands, the one that lays the foundation, and the one that shapes the brand. When we start a project, we always do a personality brief. Is it playful? Is it serious? Is it funny? For as it's important that every brand has a personality and character. It has this optimism that surrounds the brand. After you eat Pinkberry, at the end of the cup, it says, "I love when we meet like this." - A lot of the names for traditional perfumes and colognes are really over the top.

And it's things like "Guilty", or "Eternity", and we really wanted to create a line of scents that felt honest. Something people could relate to. It's been really exciting for us to launch our own brand. - How do we see brands from the other point of view? How do branding affect business? And, how does business affect branding?

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