Working with the presenter

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Working with the presenter

(Music playing.) Jo Broussard: Scripps Networks owns a conglomeration of TV networks, Food Network, Great American Country, Home and Garden TV, Fine Living, and Do It Yourself, DIY. They have a wonderful opportunity every year to go and present to potential advertisers many big brands that you would recognize, to showcase their advertising opportunities across all of these different networks.

To show how their viewership has gone up or how the demographics of their viewers have changed over the years and just really let them know about all the opportunities that are out there. Not even necessarily just associated with the show, but also online, just to really get them excited about partnering with Scripps as an advertiser. So it's a pretty high stakes opportunity, a pretty high stakes platform for them to really, really sign on some big advertisers for the upcoming year, the upcoming seasons. They have five brands that they are presenting on and our task, what they come to us for is basically to create really compelling, really visual presentations, not your typical PowerPoint.

They want their presentations to be as visual and as interesting as the networks themselves. They are used to the TV industry, they are used to a lot of motion, they are used to a lot of eye candy. They really want their presentations to speak kind of in that same vein and be as exciting as it would be watching the actual networks. So our task is to create this for them. They usually come to us with just an assortment of scripts, not Scripps Networks, but actually the word outline scripts, that just basically say what the speaker is going to say, and nothing more than that.

We go through a process, full-blown process of storyboarding every presentation, sketching out what every slide should look like, and then building them from the ground-up, adding animations. Then we even go on -ite and help them make edits and make refinements as they are rehearsing and really getting ready for this event. Diandra Macias: Scripps actually presents all of them back to back. So they will go on a tour of this presentation and every brand is basically, let's talk about DIY, now let's talk about HGTV, and they just are really quick, really engaging, and all strung together in I believe probably a half-hour segment.

Jo Broussard: You can kind of see how every slide, like Diandra said, we don't use a lot of text, we don't do bullets. Every slide is a picture and it's meant to complement whatever the speaker is saying. It doesn't work completely on its own. I mean, it's almost like what's being said to that slide while its up there, because you need the presenter there to really fill in the gaps and really make it a complete story, and the slides are just there kind of as the complement. They really just key in on the key points, the key visuals, the way to help them kind of really get the brand personality across and all the key opportunities across to advertisers.

Diandra Macias: So part of these presentations too is they really, really rely on that speaker to engage the audience. Because these slides are really that background. They are just highlighting key points of what he is saying. So they choose speakers who are very dynamic, who are very outspoken, who have fun and sort of interact with the audience to keep their attention, because it is a short time period, and all of these audience members are going from tent to tent to tent hearing other networks pitch their products to them.

So they have to be able to kind of grab them right there, with visuals and with a dynamic speaker. There's multiple speakers for each brand, so we will also develop tailored presentations to their particular style. We do get to work with the speakers when we move on site, usually in New York,. We get to sit down maybe with a couple. I have gotten to sit down with the VP of HGTV and really work out her visuals with her script. They are the ones who are inputting into their script and so we make sure that they are really happy with what we have ended up with for a visual.

So even a slide like this, where we just have two logos on the slide, it really gives the opportunity to the speaker to actually just kind of spin off and talk about the unsellables and talk about what real estate intervention is all about. Instead of really getting down to the nitty-gritty and putting extra points on the slide, we leave it really high level, so it allows the flexibility on their end. So then from that side, moving on to, let's bring the host actually on there and give a face to what that show is going to be all about. Jo Broussard: Yeah, I mean, most of these presentations are just about showcasing the shows they already have, and the hosts that they have, and not letting PowerPoint be a distraction, but just support the wonderful visuals that they have already created, the awesome logos and assets that they already have, introducing advertisers to these various shows without getting in the way of that.

Working with the presenter
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Working with the presenter provides you with in-depth training on Design. Taught by Nancy Duarte as part of the Creative Inspirations: Duarte Design, Presentation Design Studio

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