Pop Chart Lab's Infographic Poster Design: Start to Finish

with Patrick Mulligan and Ben Gibson
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Pop Chart Lab's Infographic Poster Design: Start to Finish
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Pop Chart Lab turns complex data sets into stylish infographics, from taxonomies of hip-hop to field guides of famous felines. Find out what goes into one of its poster-size prints in this installment of Start to Finish. Founders Ben Gibson and Patrick Mulligan describe how they broke down the data for over 700 Nintendo games and reimagined it visually for their "The Nebula of NES Games" chart.



- [Voiceover] Pop Chart Lab takes complex data sets and conveys them in a comprehensive, but stylish way. - [Voiceover] We do infographics on posters, t-shirts, housewares. All of that grows out of our own interest. We try to think about, how can we invoke the sort of feel of the subject, and what the products going to look like on a wall. We tried to fill in some of the whitespace with actual pixels and sprites from a selection of games. It looked like, kind of a bandage solution, to making it a little more visually interesting.

- I think when people comment somewhere, that someone had way too much time on their hands when they see one of our charts, that makes me feel good. - That's a compliment, yeah.

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