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(Music Playing) Margo Chase: Yeah, this is the library, and I have been collecting these books since I first started in graphic designs, so some of these things are pretty old. I think I started buying design books when I was in college. Then I also have a big collection of antique books that I have collected over the years. Some of them are just literary stories, and I collect books from -- called from the Roycrofters, which are all handmade and handmade paper, it was a communion in Upstate New York.

Then I also have a lot of books on typography, like old type specimen books, like this one, which is kind of falling apart. I don't even know if I can get it out of the shelf for showing it. But it has some amazing type faces and old lettering. I mean, these are things that you can't find on the Internet these days, or not all of it. So it's pretty great reference material. I have a lot of these kinds of things, and we still use them as reference material, and those are just great objects. We also have some other things that I really love, which are old fashion magazines, like these are issues of FLAIR, and look at that, MAY 1950.

I mean, they are so great for advertising and just the photography styles and lettering, I mean really wonderful objects, and they are unfortunately starting to fall apart too, but they are great. They are organized by categories, so I can find them by subject I guess. So things on architecture I try to collect them in one area, so that I can find things. Things on art are gathered together in a place. Graphic designs in a section. Then we also have a database of library, database on the computer that we have entered all the books into, so you can do a search on a particular subject and figure out if we have a book on it, which shelf its on, because you will see all the shelves are numbered.

So it's actually possible to find things most of the times. This is Maxfield Parrish, so it's an original Maxfield Parrish story. I mean, the books themselves are just inspiring as objects, and then the illustrations are fabulous. Then this is the Rubaiyat, you can see that. Even the typography in here is fabulous. So there are a lot of things like this that are not for any particular reason other than just being inspiring.

This is called the Mira Calligraphiae Monumenta, and it's actually a reproduction, but it's some of the most amazing calligraphy, and this is actual size. The reproduction and the lettering artist who did this work did all this stuff at this size. I mean, it's like minute ant type. It was kind of his demonstrating his abilities in how amazing he was. Then it was illustrated later, after the calligrapher died, it was illustrated by a man named Hoefnagel, who came in and did all the paintings on the same parchment.

So it's just amazing. This I find really inspiring, and I think you will be able to see some connections between the style and some of the work that I do. This is something I just love.

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Library provides you with in-depth training on Design. Taught by Margo Chase as part of the Creative Inspirations: Margo Chase, Graphic Designer

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