Design 365 Gallery: Extended tour

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Design 365 Gallery: Extended tour

Lynda Weinman: Okay so this looks like the Packaging category? Gabriela Mireasky: Yes, and the Packaging category includes anything that has to do with designing containers. It can be designing containers for gourmet products, for mass marketing or really limited addition. Lynda: Are people allowed to touch things? Gabriela: Absolutely. Lynda: Cool! Gabriela: That's actually a trademark of our show. Sometimes you have to train people to do this, because we are so used to not touching when we go to a museum. Lynda: Right. Gabriela: But this is not a museum. This is very hands-on.

Lynda: So these are limited edition hair trimmings, very nice! Gabriela: Yes, that's from Bumble and Bumble who does a holiday-line every year, so that's part of that. Lynda: That's awesome. Gabriela: That's another. Hand-made chocolates. So you see how the packaging relates. Lynda: It looks hand-made. Gabriela: Right. So it's letterpressed and done with a lot of -- Lynda: Looks like it's stitched. Gabriela: It really reflects the qualities of the product it contains, and that's one of the criterion for being in the show.

Lynda: Here we are at another category, Entertaining. What is this about? Gabriela: Entertaining is about work done to entertain the audience. It's not for the entertainment industry. Actually when we first started having this category a couple of years ago all of a sudden we received all this work that was from the entertainment industry, logos for HBO. Lynda: Right. Gabriela: That's not entertaining. It might be for them. But it's not what this is about. This is a category where really the only purpose is to make you have a good time.

So we have from animations. We have some that was a Christmas gift, for instance. So again, the definition of entertainment is not extremely strict. Lynda: True! Gabriela: But it's just things done for fun. This is a great piece done by Stefan Sagmeister. These are all little coins that were sorted by color. Lynda: Wow! Gabriela: First by volunteers and then Stefan had designed this, and they had this whole bunch of volunteers putting them together according to the grid on the floor.

Lynda: And you were telling me that you give tours of the space and tell us a little bit about that. Gabriela: Yes, we actually have a lot of student groups, both member student groups and just groups of students who come to New York to visit, and they are either design students or interested in design. So they call us. We have our Membership Director who gives them a tour of the whole building, explaining all the pieces that we have in the building, designed by a lot of people.

And then we do a tour of the gallery, which is pretty much like this. But we explain to the students what design is, what AIGA does, what is the importance of belonging to a professional association. All of the activities that we do throughout the year and a little bit of history, stuff like that.

Design 365 Gallery: Extended tour
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Design 365 Gallery: Extended tour provides you with in-depth training on Design. Taught by AIGA as part of the Presents: AIGA

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