The Creative Spark: Erik Natzke, Generative Artist

with Erik Natzke
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The Creative Spark: Erik Natzke, Generative Artist
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"What if?" Erik Natzke, generative artist and principle designer at Adobe, uses this question to constantly test what is possible at the intersection of art and technology. In this Creative Spark, Erik explains his quest to build tools that improve people's ability to be creative—and to make them forget they're using a tool to begin with. By combining interactivity, remote collaboration, touch input, and gestures with the real-world behavior of paper, ink, and brushes, he hopes to build applications that lead to a more organic, playful, and inspiring creative experience.

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(MUSIC). Erick Natzke: What if has been a staple to all levels of creativity that I've been working on. If you're questioning what it possible, you're going to hit on something that's never been touched before. My process in getting into code based systems or generative, are, was just through play, to see what the technology could now do. (MUSIC) One of the things that I really enjoy and love about water coloring is, you kind of embrace a little bit of chaos.

Well now the difficulty is trying to figure out, how can I take something that lives off of ones and zeros and make it understand a system that has an unpredictable nature to it? That's what I'm envisioning being able to do with this drawing application. (BLANK_AUDIO)

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