Scanning Techniques for Photography, Art, and Design

with Taz Tally
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Scanning Techniques for Photography, Art, and Design
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Review the scanning techniques graphics professionals and photographers use, while delving into workflow considerations and the advanced image-quality controls available in most scanning software. Author Taz Tally explains the core concepts, such as how resolution and interpolation affect scans; introduces the industry-standard SilverFast scanning software; and shares the settings to achieve the best results from a scan. The course also covers keeping your scanner and its parts clean and free of dust, and includes a variety of start-to-finish scanning tasks.

Topics include:
  • Understanding grayscale values and channels
  • Evaluating and correcting images with histograms
  • Saving to different file formats
  • Managing color
  • Cleaning the scanner and images
  • Reproducing versus assigning colors
  • Recognizing contone versus dot pattern images
  • Understanding bit depth
  • Scanning logos and line art
  • Scanning transparent film, positive or negative
  • Capturing high dynamic range (HDR) scans
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- Hi, I'm Taz Tally and welcome to Scanning Techniques for Photography, Art, and Design. In this course, we'll look at scanning a wide variety of images. Including simple and complex line art, continuous tone grayscale and color images, complex images, and documents on a range of scanning devices. I'll start by showing you the fundamentals of scanning. Including the types of scanners and image challenges, linear resolution and bit depth, as well as the characteristics and use of pixel and vector based images.

We'll address how to properly evaluate your images prior to scanning. And discuss some of the particular challenges of tone and color reproduction. You'll also see how to select and use scanning tools. Including histograms, color sampler points and info panels, levels, curves, and sharpening. Along the way, I'll show you how to complete specific scanning tasks. Calibrate your scanner, color manage your workflow, and accomplish an entire projects. So don those lint free gloves and gather up all your favorite graphics, images, and documents.

And let's get started with Scanning Techniques for Photography, Art, and Design.

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