The Creative Spark: Stacey Williams-Ng, Interactive Book Designer

with Stacey Williams-Ng
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The Creative Spark: Stacey Williams-Ng, Interactive Book Designer
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A course on interactive book design for the iPad, a topic that wouldn't have existed two years ago, is now being taught by Stacey Williams-Ng at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. Even Stacey seems surprised that her love of illustration and knowledge of graphic design have combined into a new career for her, interactive storytelling. She loves putting brush to canvas, which is how her children's books begin before they're photographed or scanned into the iPad—where she actually uses an app to create apps. Her business has blossomed into a publishing company (Little Bahalia) that's dedicated to creating interactive children's literature. We join her at her home studio in Milwaukee where she's animating her latest book, A Troop Is a Group of Monkeys, destined for the iPad. Quick quiz: What is a group of bats called? Find out during this installment of the documentary series The Creative Spark.



- There's a wide-open opportunity in my mind to create children's literature that really takes advantage of the iPad format. (relaxing music) This is gonna be very slow animations, maybe six frames per second. Everything's just gonna have very, very gentle movements, more like a painting that's come to life. So as I think about the composition, I also have to think about what are some things that can happen and what are some ways we can bring the young reader into the story to effect the storyline? What is he gonna touch and play with? It's the way that you think about the flow and the story arc that really makes all the differences, and I can keep that flow and it's all really tight in this environment.

So I decided that I wanted to launch my own publishing house. It's about seeing an opportunity for creative people who have a similar vision that I have to create really interesting work. The whole idea of children's books for the iPad is just magical and different and it's wide-open.

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