Understand the Design Components of a Mood Board

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Components of a mood board

Let's now look at the components of a Mood Board. Firstly, the color palette. A well considered color palette is essential to the success of any design project, and a Mood Board allows you to explore potential color combinations. There are many color palette creation tools out there. Perhaps the best known is Kuler. This can be used as an integrated part of the Adobe creative suite, and as a stand alone website, and as an iPhone and iPad app.

Like other color palette creation tools, Kuler creates color themes based on color harmony rules. VHUE, spelled V-H-U-E, is a free online tool that, amongst other things, lets you create color themes from an uploaded image, or indeed from any image you find on the web. Once created, you can download this theme in .asc format, and then load the colors into InDesign, Illustrator, or Photoshop.

The myPANTONE app for smartphones and tablets allows you to capture an image and then generate a color palette from that image. This is useful when you're out and about, and you spot a particularly compelling color scheme. The Mood Board allows you to explore type treatments for your project. How might the tone and personality of your project be conveyed through the typography? How might different type faces be combined? Be sure to show examples of both display and body type.

Shape, pattern, texture, button style. If you're developing a Mood Board for a physical product you can explore its shape through an examination of other similar products. As well as through an exploration of shapes from nature. In terms of texture, you might include images, or objects, that convey a sense of what the product will feel like to touch and to hold. You can also explore how to use a repetition of a given shape through such design elements as picture frames and decorative elements.

If you're designing a web site, show examples of button style and other interactivity. A Mood Board allows you to show the kind of vibe you're trying to achieve through your use of imagery. Is it color, or black and white? Is it formal, or informal? Staged or candid? Active or calming? Organic or man made? If your project uses video or animation, you can use the Mood Board to explore the style of that video or animation.

Components of a mood board
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Learn Business skills with this expert-created video tutorial from the course Developing a Mood Board

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