Color Management Fundamentals

with Joe Brady
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Color Management Fundamentals
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Having a consistent color management workflow can help you accurately get prints that match the image on your monitor. In this course, follow along with Joe Brady as he takes you through the basics of color management for photography, design, and the web. First, you'll learn about the different color spaces (CMYK, ColorMatch, and sRGB) and how they influence your color workflow, and the tools you need to achieve accurate color. Then learn how and why to calibrate your camera and your monitor, configure the color settings in applications such as the Adobe Creative Suite and Aperture, and choose the best printer and paper for your style of artwork. Along the way, Joe takes you into a typical studio setup for lessons on the gear you need for at-home calibration and printing.

Topics include:
  • Understanding color spaces
  • Understanding the color workflow for photography vs. design and web
  • Setting up a digital camera for the best image results
  • Choosing a monitor
  • Calibrating a display using ColorMunki or i1Pro 2
  • Choosing color settings in Photoshop
  • Understanding color workflow in raw processing applications
  • Creating a custom printer profile
  • Soft-proofing images for printing on your own printer and for sending to a lab
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- Hi everyone, I'm Joe Brady. Welcome to Color Management Fundamentals. We're here to talk about how putting a color workflow into place can help to ensure the best results for your digital images. Now whether that image is going to end up in print or on the web, getting consistent and accurate results is going to save both time and money and make both you and your clients happier. We'll start by talking about the basics of digital color. Diving into important concepts like color spaces and color profiles.

You'll see essential workflow techniques that ensure an image has consistent color from when it's captured in the color to editing in software, and all the way through to the final print. Next we'll discuss choosing the right gear that will make sure you have the best quality image reproduction on your display. This is something essential on any color workflow. Finally, we'll get into the tools and techniques for printer profiling and soft proofing, ensuring your digital image file is ready to be shown to the rest of the world.

This course should give you a sound basis of the benefits of taking control of your color workflow and how you'll be able to put them to work for you. Now let's get started with color management fundamentals.

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