DVD Studio Pro 4 Essential Training

with Larry Jordan
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DVD Studio Pro 4 Essential Training
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DVD Studio Pro 4 Essential Training concentrates on the essential aspects of understanding, organizing, and creating a complete DVD project from start to finish. From preparing video, audio, and graphic assets , to creating simple and advanced buttons and indexes, instructor Larry Jordan shows how to create menus, build tracks, add slideshows and subtitles, work with HD media, and complete a project. Exercise files accompany the tutorials.

Topics include:
  • Project planning
  • Preparing video, audio, and graphic assets
  • Setting up and exporting a project from Final Cut Pro
  • Creating a DVD from start to finish
  • Creating advanced buttons and menus
  • Making a chapter index template
  • Working with markers
  • Building a story
  • Creating and formatting subtitles
  • Scripting
  • Working with HD media
  • Working with dual layer discs
DVD Studio Pro


- [Voiceover] Hi, this is Larry Jordan, and welcome to DVD Studio Pro 4 essential training. The purpose of this title is to learn how to create professional-grade video DVDs using DVD Studio Pro 4. Studio Pro simplifies the organization, assembly, testing, and output of a finished DVD-Video. There are 3 key concepts that you need to understand to be able to make the most of this application. The first is that you create your assets outside of Studio Pro but you hook them together inside the application.

It's what I call a "wiring-and-plumbing" application. If you hire and electrician to hook up the electrical for your house, you don't ask them to design the color of the wall plate or change the color of the wire. What you want is you want them to make sure that they reliably connect the wall plug to the switch or the switch to the light and that everything works perfectly that when you turn the switch on the house doesn't burn down. Now there's a lot of talent and skill involved in that electrical work but it's not the same as looking at a blank piece of screen and Photoshop and designing something from whole cloth. It's been designed. We're hooking it together inside DVD Studio Pro.

It's what I call "logical creativity" and, like Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro does not contain any media, it simply points to the media on your hard drive and contains the instructions on how to assemble it into a DVD. Now we have a lot of different titles on DVD Studio Pro. We've got one which is just focused on the new features inside DVD Studio Pro 4, another one specifically on how to use Compressor 3, especially some cookbook or recipe approaches to getting your video and audio compressed. If you have an older version we've got stuff on DVD Studio Pro 3 and Compressor 2.1.

But this title is designed to be comprehensive and to tell you everything you need to know to be able to be successful using DVD Studio Pro. I won't read you all these different categories. Each of these will be a separate collection of movies on this disc or online training. Also, I want to take a second to compare the differences between iDVD versus DVD Studio Pro 4. Both applications support Standard Definition media. iDVD though, downsamples HDV to SD, whereas DVD Studio Pro can actually create an HD DVD disk.

Both of them compress video and audio but only Studio Pro allows you to create full customized menus, supports more buttons to a menu, allows you to work with stories and multiple audio tracks, allows you to create and display subtitles and do scripting. There's a tremendous amount of power inside DVD Studio Pro 4. And we'll get ourselves started by showing you how all this training is organized. That is next.

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