DVD Studio Pro 3 Essential Training

with Larry Jordan
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DVD Studio Pro 3 Essential Training
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DVD Studio Pro 3 Essential Training is a movie-based tutorial workshop intended for the beginning or intermediate DVD Studio Pro user who wants to not only gain a clearer understanding of how to create custom DVD content and delivery but also take advantage of some of the software's more advanced features. In addition to complete exercise files, the workshop also includes hours of tips and techniques designed to help users master video compression using Compressor, improve audio using A.Pack, create a simple DVD using existing DVD SP templates, and create a more complex DVD with overlay and motion menus, stories, subtitles, and scripts.

Topics include:
  • DVD workflow How to storyboard Choosing the right DVD format Creating graphics and slides for DVD Encoding video and audio Creating a simple DVD Create tracks, markers and credits Creating overlay and motion menus
DVD Studio Pro


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Q: Is there a way to create a Play All button in DVD Studio Pro that will play a series of movies sequentially and automatically?
A: In DVD Studio Pro, Play All can only be done using scripting. There is no automated way to do this. You can also use the Story feature as detailed here: http://dvdstudiopro.digitalmedianet.com/articles/viewarticle.jsp?id=27294&afterinter=true

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