Sony Vegas Production Workflow

with Steve Grisetti
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Sony Vegas Production Workflow
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Sony Vegas Pro bundles three programs, each of which serve a key purpose in the video production workflow. Vegas is at its heart, while Sound Forge takes your production audio to a professional level and DVD Architect helps you to get your video to the people who want to see it. Steve Grisetti shows how footage makes its way through each of these programs in the typical workflow for a professional-quality movie. Follow along as he takes a batch of raw video clips and assembles them into a scene in Vegas, performs audio sweetening and cleanup in Sound Forge, and prepares the final project in DVD Architect for output as a DVD or Blu-ray disc.

Topics include:
  • Creating a video sequence
  • Adding titles and music
  • Adding sound effects with the Audio FX plugin
  • Removing background noise and normalizing audio in Sound Forge
  • Recording narration in Sound Forge
  • Setting up a DVD Architect project
  • Customizing DVD menus
  • Burning your disc
Vegas Pro Sound Forge Pro DVD Architect Studio


- [Voiceover] Hello I'm Steve Grisetti and this is the Sony Vegas Production Workflow. The Vegas Production Suite is a bundle of three Sony programs, Sound Forge, Vegas Pro, and DVD Architect. All three programs contribute uniquely to the process of editing and producing your movie project. Vegas is at the heart of the process and in this course we'll explore how your footage becomes a movie. We'll add titles and music to give the movie a more filmic look.

Then we'll polish the audio in Sound Forge, removing background noise, editing out unwanted sounds, and enhancing the sound we want to keep. - [Voiceover] How's the coffee? - [Voiceover] Once our movie is in top shape we'll send it off to DVD Architect for delivery as a DVD or Blue-ray disc. There's a lot to cover, but we've got all the tools necessary to do it just like the pros. Let's get started with the Sony Vegas Production Workflow.

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