Shooting with the Nikon D800

with Ben Long
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Shooting with the Nikon D800
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In this course, photographer and author Ben Long details the features, controls, and options in the Nikon D800 digital SLR. The course begins with an overview of what a digital SLR is and a tour of the camera's basic components. Ben then discusses the camera's basic operation: changing lenses, navigating the menus, shooting in automatic mode, reviewing and managing photos on the camera's LCD screen, and transferring photos to a computer.

Next, the course introduces more advanced exposure options: program mode, exposure compensation, ISO adjustments, and more. After Ben briefly defines each option, he shows how to adjust it using the camera's controls.

Ben also discusses white balance options, advanced metering and autofocus controls, flash, live view, and video shooting. The course ends with a chapter on maintenance, including sensor- and camera-cleaning and care tips.

Topics include:
  • What is a DSLR?
  • Attaching lenses
  • Powering up and down
  • Formatting the media card
  • Holding the camera
  • Shooting in the Auto and Program modes
  • Changing the ISO
  • Controlling autofocus and white balance
  • Using a self-timer
  • Working with the exposure control options
  • Activating Live View
  • Shooting video


- The Nikon D800 is the followup to Nikon's incredibly successful D700, but with changes Nikon has made, it's difficult to think of the D800 as part of a midrange camera line. With an image sensor that packs an astonishing 36 million pixels, the D800 delivers image sizes that previously required an expensive medium format digital back. Pixel count is not all that Nikon has changed though. The D800 sports a 51 point auto-focus system, an advanced metering system with a 91,000 pixel meter, and the ability to shoot beautiful 1080p video at 30, 25, or 24 frames per second.

Whether you're an amateur or a professional, the D800 provides you with a spectacular photographing instrument. Hi, my name is Ben Long. Understanding your gear is essential to being able to consistently take good photos. Sure you can throw your camera in auto mode and get good shots most of the time, but you will run into occasions that will flummox your camera's auto features, and in those instances you need to know how to adjust your camera to get good results. This course will show you how to make those adjustments. How to customize your camera, and how to drive all of the features on your Nikon D800.

In this course we're going to explore all of your camera's critical features, the features that any beginning to intermediate shooter will need to know. Among many other things, you'll see what the D800's different modes do, how you can alter and tweak those modes, how to shoot video using the camera's HD video features, how to customize the camera to make it easier to use for your particular shooting tasks, and how to use the camera's various exposure controls to correct exposure while you shoot. Now this is not a photography course, we won't be going in detail into exposure theory and the other fundamentals of photography, but we will give you reminders about specific terms and processes, and tell you when it's a good idea to go watch an additional Lynda course that might help with the fundamentals.

This course, combined with a couple of other courses, will provide you with a full photo curriculum, but one built around your specific camera. This means you can learn photography in terms of the specific buttons and controls on your exact camera. So get your camera close to hand as we delve into the particulars of the Nikon D800.

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