Creative Inspirations: Ze Frank, Comedic Digital Savant

with Ze Frank
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Creative Inspirations: Ze Frank, Comedic Digital Savant
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Ze Frank is one of the most creative and enigmatic people working in digital media. He's also just plain funny. His work could arguably be among the most viewed and participated-in content ever created. He is known as a performance artist, humorist, composer and speaker, including multiple appearances at the prestigious TED conferences. For millions of followers and fans who know him through his experiments in online interactivity, social media, and audience participation, this installment of Creative Inspirations reveals the man himself as he explains his unique point of view, his thought processes, and what spurs him on.



(electric guitar music) - Hi, I'm Ze Frank and over the last couple of years, I've done a variety of things on the web. There was all of a sudden this idea that programs like Flash could do some of the jobs the programmers were doing. And I brought you the Earth Sandwich, the Facebook Me Equals You project, the Chillout Song. What are other things that I've done? You know, How To Dance Properly is one of the first breakout things which I still keep up on the site for the fun of it.

The toys that were out there or the tools that were out there facilitated people who were good at drawing but I wanted to make something that actually facilitated people who were bad at drawing. Can you make something super simple and fun? This bug toy is really, really viscerally fun to kind of get all these limbs in there. And I've been working with audiences in a number of different participatory ways. Color Wars became conceptually this idea of a completely liberated Internet-wide game. You can all of a sudden find that lots of people out there respond to that very, very small gesture and want to share it, want to talk about it, want to even say, "Me too." And over the last couple of days, I've been interviewed and I have responded in a way that sounds like I know what I'm talking about.

Hopefully, you'll join me. (upbeat music)

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