Creative Inspirations: Trigger, Interactive Design Studio

with Jason Yim
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Creative Inspirations: Trigger, Interactive Design Studio
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Trigger may be the biggest little interactive shop that probably has never been heard of. This amazing boutique shoots out web sites, online games, Facebook apps, and iPhone apps for major motion pictures like Spider-Man and District 9, and consumer brands like Nike and Red Bull. Combining a talented design team with solid software engineering, Trigger has mastered the integration of creative expression and technology. With offices in Los Angeles and Shanghai, they've found the elusive winning formula for East-West collaboration. This installment of Creative Inspirations takes viewers inside what may be a prototype for the next generation design firm.



(Music playing) Loc Le: I think, in general, we are a pretty intense group of individuals. Perry Wang: If you look at our track record the last couple of years, like almost every alien type of movie, or superhero, or something like that, we've been able to get involved with it, to some degree. Jason Yim: One of the big changes for us is that every campaign we have now has to tie into social networking. Anthony Palacios: The attention of someone just to sit there and play an iPhone game, we have to make really clean concise gaming experiences that will keep their attention for a limited time but still be really, really fun.

Loc Le: My job is to make fantasy reality, I would say. Evan Fisk: We created a marker image, and if you use a webcam, hold up the marker image. 3-D models that we came up with show up on the screen, and you can interact with them in different ways. Jason Yim: They will start off like a pencil sketch, like this. They will start to get more and more detailed, and then finally, they will actually create it in full 3D, with painted assets and stuff. Jason Yim: It's not an A team, B team situation. All our projects probably run through, get touched by, both offices. Vivid Savitri: I'm actually always pushing my team harder because I know they can make it.

They just don't know it yet. Jason Yim: And we have very little time on this planet sort of thing, like let's try to make a difference. Carlo Decena: It's sort of reflection of our values that if we were successful, we made money, we wanted to give back. (Music playing)

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