Creative Inspirations: Kit Hinrichs, Graphic Designer

with Kit Hinrichs
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Creative Inspirations: Kit Hinrichs, Graphic Designer
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Kit Hinrichs is one of the most accomplished and respected graphic designers and illustrators of the last fifty years. A master of corporate communications and a consummate visual storyteller, he has been awarded the highest honor in his field: the AIGA Medal. Formerly a partner in the legendary design firm Pentagram, he is reinventing himself (again) with a new endeavor called Studio Hinrichs. In this Creative Inspirations documentary, Kit shares highlights of recent projects, his renowned collection of American flags and American flag memorabilia, as well as the irrefutable wisdom of one who has stayed at the top of his game for five decades.



(Music playing) Kit Hinrichs: The most important things that I have ever done, and I always do it innately, is tell stories. One of the main things that we do, as designers, is to make things clear and understandable, so someone else can take that information and go forward with it. Because I'm just the collector, I end up having all this stuff that I have collected over forty, fifty years.

There's this kind of stimulus that happens when it's around, so it's really quite wonderful. When we saw the plans for this and we saw the wonderful curve that you see within the atrium here, we thought "Why don't we take that particular form, replicate it again and again, and be able to create a symbol based on that?" My awareness was there. I was kind of ready and then here, I get flooded with some great typography by some of the great designers of the world.

As I've gotten further and further into this, it's gone from being, "Oh, here's a few samples of things," to really being this all-inclusive, and I use the term obsession, because that's what it is, to now over 5000 pieces in the collection. For anyone who is wondering about this whole thing about, well, this is only a young man's business, I'm still a young man inside!

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