Creative Inspirations: Hot Studio, Experience Design

with Maria Giudice
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Creative Inspirations: Hot Studio, Experience Design
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Hot Studio founder Maria Giudice and her exceptional multi-disciplinary design team "make the complex beautifully clear" for web clients like eBay, Gap, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Maria focuses the studio's work on people-centered design to create amazing user experiences on the web and in print. See how they apply "collective intelligence" through the phases of discovery, strategy, design, and building. This installment of Creative Inspirations takes viewers inside one of the coolest design firms around.



(buzzing serene music) - Within the web world of design we do pretty much every flavor of project. - Well we're not just in charge of doing the beautiful part of it. That is part of what we do is making it visually pleasing and a good looking site. - We take great pride in talking, thinking about the user holistically from all these different aspects and different directions.

- Whatever it takes to make sure that whatever we're designing is actually going to be used and loved later on. (hopping serene music)

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