Creative Inspirations: Hello Design, Interactive Design Studio

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Creative Inspirations: Hello Design, Interactive Design Studio
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After graduating from an Ivy League school, Hello Design CEO and Creative Director David Lai considered attending Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. He had heard great things about the school, but in the early days of interactive design, its program wasn't fully developed. Flash forward only six months and David was teaching at Art Center. It's this passion to learn, discover, and teach that propelled Hello so quickly to the front of the interactive pack. With prestigious clients like Herman Miller, The Los Angeles Philharmonic, and Taylor Made Golf, they innovate as they create. Hello draws from a bottomless toolbox, trying the untried and making it sing.

In this installment of Creative Inspirations, watch an iPhone conduct a symphony orchestra, a golf club sell itself, and a talented designer learn to make a fine espresso as we present Hello Design, Interactive Design Studio.



(ocean waves) (light upbeat music) (crowd noises) - There's something really exciting I guess about creating something to make something. That's really why I like this business. Hello's been a place for me to do that.

(planning) Things are constantly changing, in digital actually anything we do with living. Technology's evolving very quickly, even interface design changes. So, we actually strive to sort of not create the perfect thing. We actually strive to create a solid foundation, a solid base that we can evolve and grow over time with our clients. (lamp clicks on) And the web has been probably you know at the heart of what we do.

But we never called ourselves a web design company and the reason for that is because we've never just done websites. We continue to do interface application design, product design, touch screen kiosks, mobile applications, games, and we've had clients that come to us and they've got everything under the sun. They're like we're on iTunes, we've got Facebook, we have Blog, we've got Twitter, but there's no thread that connects these. One thing could be saying one thing that's different than another, they're all sort of chaotic and we're trying to figure out what is the thread that can connect this facts.

That there is a meaningful story to tell. There's a meaningful dialog engagement and relationship that consumers can have with their brand. And that to us is really the challenge, it's creating simplicity out of chaos. (light upbeat music fades out)

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