Creative Inspirations: Dale Herigstad & Schematic, Interactive Design Agency

with Dale Herigstad
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Creative Inspirations: Dale Herigstad & Schematic, Interactive Design Agency
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Welcome to the future of media experience. Meet Dale Herigstad, Chief Creative Officer at Schematic—the company behind some of the most innovative ways to interact with your world. Remember the scene from Minority Report where the Tom Cruise character physically interacts with digital media? Dale was the mind behind that scene—and the mind that is bringing similar experiences to the real world. Dale and his company, Schematic, are transforming the future of user interfaces, brand relationships, and advertising. This installment of Creative Inspirations takes viewers inside their profoundly collaborative and innovative environment—where new ideas seamlessly integrate across multiple platforms. Experience why Dale says, "the interface is the brand."



(inspirational music) - The things that interest me a lot are about innovation and I particularly lead that effort with this company. - This is just a sample application we use all the time to sort of look at different interaction models. - We talk about creating branded experiences. What we're really focused on doing is improving the interface, if you will, between corporate America and people. - I think overall we're really thinking of everything that we're creating is about space.

- And we want an experience that is as exciting to the consumer as our content's gonna be. - So I think the purity of no device, no glove, no nothing, is such a beautiful wonderful idea. - We use space, we use motion, we use all of the tools that you'd expect in broadcast design and apply them to web design. - How do you make devices simple and intuitive and natural and make design that's great and there's animation that they live, they're living breathing kind of dynamic interfaces.

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