EaselJS First Look

with Ray Villalobos
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EaselJS First Look
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EaselJS is a free JavaScript library that makes creating interactive web content for HTML5 more straightforward and intuitive. This course transitions web designers, animators, and content creators who may be used to working with Adobe Flash and ActionScript to this new open web standard. Author Ray Villalobos first explains the capabilities of the EaselJS framework and the HTML5 Canvas element, and what they mean for web design. The rest of the course shows how to use EaselJS's helper classes and hierarchal display list to load images, draw, animate, and handle mouse input from visitors.

Topics include:
  • Installing EaselJS
  • Understanding how Canvas draws and animates
  • Drawing lines and strokes
  • Drawing with graphic primitives
  • Using the chaining and compacting commands
  • Animating shapes
  • Working with text
  • Importing bitmaps and vector graphics
  • Working with sprite sheets
  • Handling mouse events
CreateJS EaselJS


- [Voiceover] Hey there, this is Ray Villalobos, and welcome to EaselJS. In this course, I'm going to show you how to work the canvas framework called EaselJS. I'll start by showing you how EaselJS is part of a larger library of products called CreateJS, plus how to create a template and install the library. I'll show you some of the differences between working with the Canvas element, and some of the advantages of EaselJS. Then, we'll examine how to handle some traditional canvas tasks with EaselJS, like drawing lines and strokes, rectangles, and some of the unique graphic primitives that ship with the library.

We'll also explore how to transform and animate shapes, work with text, import bitmaps, sprite sheets, and vector graphics. Finally, I'll show you how to track mouse movements and handle other mouse events. We'll be covering all these features and more, so let's get started with EaselJS.

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