Getting Started with CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3

with Mark Abdelnour
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Getting Started with CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3
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Getting Started with CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3 with Mark Abdelnour is designed to help you get up to speed quickly with CorelDRAW X3 and its new features. The video training begins with an overview of the application, including a tour of the interface and a guide to the basic drawing tools, then moves on to more advanced topics, such as adding text, controlling page layout, publishing PDFs, and printing final documents. The tutorial also guides you through many of the new features in CorelDRAW X3, including the vector-based Crop tool, the Smart Fill tool, the Scallop/Filet/Chamfer tools, Step and Repeat, Bevels, and the Overprints Preview. Plus, you'll learn how to use Corel PowerTRACE X3, the new bitmap-to-vector tracing application, and the new Corel PHOTO-PAINT X3 Image Adjustment Lab. Exercise files accompany the training, allowing you to follow along and learn at your own pace.

Topics include:
  • How to work efficiently in the CorelDRAW X3 interface
  • How to use the drawing tools
  • How to apply special effects and edit graphics, including cropping, scalloping, filling, and beveling
  • How to control page layout
  • How to correct color and lighting
  • How to publish and print projects

Using the welcome screen

- You've gone out to the store and you've purchased the application, CorelDRAW X3. You've ripped open the box, installed the product, launched it, and for the first time what you'll see is the CorelDRAW X3 welcome screen. What you'll see here are six icons. The top three icons allow you to get started in the product, while the bottom three provide you with assistance or help. Let's start with the top three icons. The first one on the left is the new icon. As it states here, in the help area, it says, "Start a new graphic "with the current default template." Very simply put, that will give you a blank page and that's where you can start your design work.

Over to the right of this icon is the "recently used" icon. What this does is list any of the files that you may have been working on in the past. It's just another way of quickly accessing that. If you've launched the product for the first time you won't see any files listed here and instead it will be grayed and inactive. Over to the right of this icon is the "open" icon. Like most applications, when you click on this, what will happen is you'll see that typical open dialogue box where you're able to navigate your hard drive or network drives looking for files.

Along the bottom of the welcome screen, as I had mentioned, are more of those help-related features. What you'll see here is the "New from template." If you don't have a creative bone in your body or you have very little time and you have to whip off, let's say, a business card or a flyer, what you can do is click on the "New from template" and select from over a hundred professionally designed templates. What that will do is actually open up some objects on your page, some clip art, some design work, even some text boxes, and what that allows you to do is go in and customize it.

Where half of the job is already done for you. Over to the right from "New from template" is the CorelTUTOR. Now imagine having a tutor sitting right next to you as you use CorelDRAW X3. The CorelTUTOR actually provides step by step instructions for some of the most novice tasks, like let's say, drawing an ellipse, all the way to the more expert-type tasks, like publishing your work. Last but not least, "What's new" in the application. So if you want to get an idea of what the new and enhanced features were in CorelDRAW X3, by clicking on this icon, you'll get the full list of them.

Now that we've completed a quick movie on the welcome screen, let's dive right into the application and start looking at the user interface.

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