CorelDRAW 12 Beyond the Basics

with Mark Swift
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CorelDRAW 12 Beyond the Basics
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In CorelDRAW 12 Beyond the Basics with Mark Swift, you'll take an in-depth look at the features, options, and offerings of this amazing application. You'll learn to use a bevy of CorelDRAW's unique tools such as the artistic media tool, the lens docker, and the interactive blend tool. You'll also get a thorough look at artistic text, recording and editing macros, working with PDFs in DRAW, and you'll find out how to customize the interface to best suit your needs. Following Mark Swift's expert instruction will quickly get you up to speed with the advanced features of this latest version of CorelDRAW.

Note: this product was previously named Advanced CorelDRAW 12

Topics include:
  • Artistic media
  • Transformations
  • Working with barocodes
  • Fountain, pattern, texture and Postscript fills
  • Creating text and graphics effects
  • Using symbols
  • Customizing Tools menu
  • Recording scripting and macros
  • Working with PDF
  • Prepress
  • Pre-Flight engines


- Well, here we are back again to take a look at CorelDraw 12, and this time we're gonna go into a lot more detail. We're gonna cover every feature inside of this application and we're gonna look at every button and every switch. My hopes in doing so is to give you, those of you who have been using CorelDraw for a long time, an opportunity to see all of the tools, some of which you may never have dabbled wiith because you didn't know exactly how they worked. This title assusmes that you've already viewed the training that comes with CorelDraw 12.

There's a companion CD that has been created in partnership with Corel and That includes two hours of training. This training is very basic. It covers a few of the drawing tools and a few of the concepts that are necessary in order to create vector illustrations. It touches briefly on Photo Paint. It touches briefly on Rave, and it spends several minutes looking at the new features that have been included with CorelDraw12. If you are new to vector illustrations or new to CorelDraw, it's mandatory that you watch those videos first.

The information contained in that two-hour training will not be repeated here inside the advanced training. If you're currently using a previous version of CorelDraw, say version nine, 10 or 11, and you're viewing this video now just to pick up some new tips and tricks that are applicable to older versions, that would mean you haven't viewed the two-hour training video. If you that that will be beneficial to you, again, because that information won't be repeated here, you can find it online at

That's L-Y-N-D-A dot com Lynda has generously made it available to everyone so that you can get the maximum value out of this advanced training without repeating any of the information that was included in the two-hour segment.

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