Getting Started with CorelDRAW 11

with Mark Swift
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Getting Started with CorelDRAW 11
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Getting Started with CorelDRAW 11 is a tutorial developed by, presented by Lynda Weinman and featuring DRAW expert Mark Swift. This tutorial covers paths, file format support, layout, typography and many design techniques. In addition you will learn about integration with Adobe Illustrator and Photo Paint. This training gets you up and running quickly with this incredibly useful and newly updated software from Corel.



- Hello, I'm Lynda Weinman of and we're really pleased today to be creating a CorelDRAW CD for you. And I'm very please to introduce, Mark Swift, who is a training specialist at Corel Corporation who is actually very, very expert in CorelDRAW. What we've tried to do is give you an overview of CorelDRAW that will help you be productive right away. It's a very, very deep program, it has incredible features that you'll get to dig into. Our hope is that we'll be giving you a very good introduction so that you can do just that.

- Thanks, Lynda. I'm really happy to be here working with Lynda Weinman at and I sincerely hope that you enjoy your first introductory look at CorelDRAW.

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