Online Marketing Basics

with Lorrie Thomas Ross
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Online Marketing Basics
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In Online Marketing Fundamentals, Lorrie Thomas Ross introduces web marketers, web designers, business owners, and executives to the world of online marketing. The course takes a look at the basis of any online marketing effort—a business's web site—and reviews how the different components of the site can support the business's goals, from SEO and SEM to social media, online PR, and content marketing.

Topics include:
  • Defining the target market
  • Setting clear goals and success metrics
  • Working with web analytics software
  • Building a site map
  • Selecting a domain name and a web host
  • Planning for mobile
  • Conducting social media marketing
  • Developing an email marketing campaign
  • Exploring content marketing
  • Reviewing online public relations
  • Understanding the difference between search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Reviewing blogging and microblogging
  • Looking at online advertising with search, affiliates, email, and more


- Hi! I'm Laurie Thomas Ross. Welcome to Online Marketing Fundamentals. In today's time crunched nation, people want information instantly at the click of their fingertips. They are flocking to the web to find products, services and information. In this course, we'll first create a foundation by defining how online marketing works, and identifying its distinctions and components. In addition we'll discuss planning an online marketing strategy, as well as determining your target audience and measuring the results of your marketing efforts.

Planning and building a website is crucial to the success of your online marketing strategy. From creating a site map and building a wire frame, to selecting a domain and hosting company we'll explore the necessary steps for getting your site up and running. From there, we'll tackle the key elements for establishing a web presence including creating compelling online content in the form of articles, social media posts, online press releases and even email newsletters. Great website content can only take you so far without having an audience, so we'll cover how to reach and grow your audience through successful search engine marketing, including search engine optimization and paid and local search.

We'll see how to harness the power of social media, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as blogging to keep your audience updated, informed and engaged. And finally, we'll delve into online advertising as well as email marketing to help gain valuable sales and exposure. Slow is the same as stop when it comes to online marketing, so let's get started with online marketing fundamentals.

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